Sunday, May 12, 2013

Aborted Fetal Vaccines & Beyond

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Learn the shocking truth of what has been going on quietly in the biotech industry for nearly a century as she takes you through:

    The history of the abortions
    The production of vaccines and other products
    Legislative efforts
    The Vatican response
    The Vatican’s quest for moral alternatives
    How fetal DNA present in vaccines is harming some children!

This 90 minute+ DVD is broken down into six short segments including a Q&A at the end so that you can watch at your leisure.

    Part 1: The Dark History (Elapsed Time: 18:40)
    Part 2: Abortions and Vaccine Production (Elapsed Time: 11:39)
    Part 3: Public Deception – Catholic Persecution (Elapsed Time: 15:42)
    Part 4: Vatican Response; Vaccines and Autism studies (Elapsed Time: 12:40)
    Part 5: Beyond Vaccines (Elapsed Time: 14:45)
    Part 6: Questions & Answers (Elapsed Time: 18:36)